50 Signs That “You Got Guru’d”

August 18, 2014     Posted in Myths & Scams by Fabian Colussi     0 Comments
You Got Guru'd

OK, so what exactly does “You Got Guru’d” mean? Well, if you’ve been guru’d it basically means that you’ve unwittingly been misled by a piece of misinformation, myth, biased and groundless opinion, unfounded dogma, or straight-out lie, created and/or spread by some health and fitness guru. “Guru”, in this sense, doesn’t carry the usual definition . . .

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Age is Nothing But a Number

August 14, 2014     Posted in Inspirational Stories, Motivational Videos by Gloria Kaneko     0 Comments
Ernestine Shepherd

We’ve often heard people throwing around the statement that “age is nothing but a number”, but 77 year old grandmother, Ernestine Shepherd, actually lives her life by this motto. In March 2010, at the age of 73, she was awarded the title of World’s Oldest Performing Female Bodybuilder by the Guinness Book of Records. Ernestine . . .

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Are You Skinny Fat?

August 12, 2014     Posted in General, Weight Loss by Fabian Colussi     0 Comments
Skinny Fat Women

“Skinny Fat” is a term you’ve most likely heard before, but is it just another silly marketing buzz-word, or does it actually have some real meaning behind it? Well, skinny fat is indeed a real term, although in scientific and medical circles it’s more commonly referred to as either Metabolically Obese Normal Weight (MONW) or . . .

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3 Tweaks to Your Planks For Killer Abs

August 8, 2014     Posted in Resistance/Weight Training by Fabian Colussi     0 Comments
Planks for Killer Abs

The good old fashioned plank is a very well-known and commonly used exercise in many people’s ab routine. And as far as isometric exercises go, it’s not a bad little technique. The main problem however is that, although they’re not necessarily usually done incorrectly, they’re certainly rarely done as well as they could be. That’s . . .

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10 Steps To Becoming a Genuine Alpha Fitness Chick

August 4, 2014     Posted in Mental & Philosophical by Gloria Kaneko     0 Comments
Fitness Woman

Reaching Alpha status in the gym is no mean feat, and quite frankly, it’s not for everyone. You need to have “the right stuff”. And if you don’t have the right stuff, you need to get it, if you ever want to earn the position of Alpha Fitness Chick. So what exactly does it mean . . .

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7 Simple Strategies For Guaranteeing You Stick to Your Workout Program

July 28, 2014     Posted in Exercise, Mental & Philosophical by Gloria Kaneko     0 Comments
Treadmill Workout

Sometimes even the best-laid and best-intentioned plans can quickly unravel. And we all know that a very familiar example of this is the struggle to stick to your workout program. Be honest . . . how many times have you found yourself coming up with some excuse to skip a workout? Maybe you’d had a . . .

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5 Ways You Were Never Meant to Do Treadmill Cardio,
But Should Anyhow

July 22, 2014     Posted in Cardio/Conditioning by Fabian Colussi     0 Comments

The good ol’ treadmill is certainly one of the standards as far as gym cardio machines go, but even so treadmill cardio unfortunately rates right up there in the prize for most boring workouts ever invented. Sure, the treadmill has its advantages. It allows you to do your cardio indoors, in relative safety and comfort. . . .

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6 Shocking Truths About Your New Fitness Lifestyle

July 19, 2014     Posted in General by Fabian Colussi     0 Comments
Fitness Criticism

Once you’ve made a committed decision to jump into a lifestyle of health and fitness, you know that you’re going to be in for a tough transition period. That’s the time where your determination will be tested, when you’ll find out whether you really have what it takes to see it through. Right up at . . .

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9 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Fat

July 16, 2014     Posted in Weight Loss by Fabian Colussi     0 Comments
Fat Loss

Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as stubborn body fat. You think you’re doing all the right things, you’re working out regularly, maybe even eating “clean” foods, but still it won’t budge. What’s going on? Is it just that you’re getting older, and your body simply isn’t able to lose fat anymore like . . .

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7 Steps To Unshakeable Mental Strength

July 11, 2014     Posted in Mental & Philosophical by Gloria Kaneko     2 Comments
Mental Toughness

It can be so difficult sometimes to make even relatively minor changes in our lives or reach seemingly simple goals, that when we look around at the high-achievers in life it’s easy to be in awe and ask ourselves how they can have the discipline, dedication and drive to keep doing what they’re doing. People . . .

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The Truth About Dietary Supplements

July 7, 2014     Posted in Nutrition by Gloria Kaneko     0 Comments
Branded Supplements

Dietary supplements are one of those things that divide people’s opinions. Some believe that if you’re serious about losing weight and/or being fit and healthy you have to be taking supplements. Others believe the exact opposite – that supplements are totally unnecessary and nothing but a scam perpetrated by supplement companies to fill their pockets . . .

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