The 24 Commandments of Fitness

January 27, 2015     Posted in General by Gloria Kaneko     0 Comments
Positive Attitude

Fitness is different things to different people. Some embrace and enjoy it, some are driven to obsession with it, and others hate it and only do it because they have to. Well, if your fitness lifestyle is making you or your life miserable then as the saying goes, “you’re doing it wrong”. There’s really no . . .

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The Wisdom of Making Fitness Fun

January 14, 2015     Posted in Exercise by Fabian Colussi     0 Comments

I was in the park this afternoon, sitting under a shelter recovering from just having run some sprints. As I was resting there were two young boys nearby playing, chasing after one another. And as they ran by me, I noticed they were both breathing quite heavily from all the running they were doing, yet . . .

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Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton is a Fighter

December 18, 2014     Posted in Inspirational Stories by Gloria Kaneko     0 Comments
Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton is a young lady that epitomizes the strength of the human spirit. A born surfer who fell in love with the sport at the tender age of four, her world was brought to a crashing halt in 2003 when, at the age of 14, a shark took her entire left arm. Bethany lost . . .

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9 Powerful Self-Discipline Tips to Keep You on Track

December 15, 2014     Posted in Mental & Philosophical by Gloria Kaneko     0 Comments
Determined Woman

Self-discipline isn’t something that we’re necessarily born with or inherently have. It’s something that can be up one day and down the next, and it can also depend heavily on the situation. It is, however, an attribute that can be generally strengthened and improved. Below are 9 extremely effective self-discipline tips to help you do . . .

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The 5 Biggest Reasons You’re Not Seeing Six Pack Abs

December 11, 2014     Posted in Exercise, Myths & Scams by Fabian Colussi     0 Comments
Six Pack Abs

Having six pack abs is the cherished goal of many women. Actually getting them is easier said than done, however. There are two reasons for this. The first is that there’s a lot of very bad information out there about training the abs. Much of that stems from misinformation propagated by marketing companies looking for . . .

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The Cold Reality of Fitness Training and Success

December 8, 2014     Posted in Competing, Mental & Philosophical by Gloria Kaneko     0 Comments
Gloria Kaneko

Right now I’m a few weeks into my contest prep for the February/March 2015 competition season. I’ll probably be competing in three Figure shows again this season, as I did in 2013. Things are going fine so far, but as I’ve found is quite normal, there are also the inevitable unexpected challenges to deal with . . .

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5 Workout Motivation Tips for Unleashing your Beast Mode in the Gym Without Chemicals

December 5, 2014     Posted in Mental & Philosophical by Gloria Kaneko     0 Comments
Workout Motivation

Pre-workout supplements have become a favorite among fitness fans looking to get themselves mentally “into the zone” for a killer gym workout. But how effective would simple, chemical-free workout motivation strategies be by comparison? I have personally never used pre-workouts, for two reasons. Firstly, because I worry about the side-effects of putting some of those . . .

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The Secret to Achieving Maximum Results in the Gym – Legally!

December 1, 2014     Posted in Resistance/Weight Training by Fabian Colussi     0 Comments
Bench Press

Anyone who’s interested in developing a better physique will know that it takes time, as well as a lot of sweat and hard work. So naturally, we’re always on the lookout for easier and better ways of achieving it. Some people go as far as resorting to illegal, performance-enhancing drugs to accelerate their progress and . . .

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Kayla Montgomery Has No Excuses

November 27, 2014     Posted in Inspirational Stories by Gloria Kaneko     0 Comments
Kayla Montgomery

18 year old Kayla Montgomery is one of the best young distance runners in the US. Although she’s always had an interest in sports, she’s not exactly naturally gifted as a runner. As a matter of fact, when she started running about four years ago, her coach described her as average at best. All of her . . .

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Top 10 Training Mistakes You Should Avoid

November 24, 2014     Posted in Exercise by Fabian Colussi     0 Comments
Top 10 Training Mistakes

Whether you’re new to working out or quite experienced, chances are there are some aspects of your program that you’re making mistakes with, or can at least improve upon. Below is my list of top 10 training mistakes that people very commonly make, regardless of their level of experience. These are behind so many disappointments . . .

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The Perfect Workout Routine

November 20, 2014     Posted in Exercise by Gloria Kaneko     0 Comments
The Perfect Workout Routine

It’s always a bit frustrating for us to see people constantly searching for the perfect workout routine. And it’s something that we come across quite frequently, especially online but offline as well. We often hear comments such as “I wish I knew what her shoulder routine was” or “Wow, what amazing abs, I wonder what . . .

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The Trouble with a Balanced Life

November 12, 2014     Posted in General, Rants by Gloria Kaneko     1 Comments
Balanced Life

The importance of living a balanced life is something that we become very accustomed to hearing about. It’s OK to be dedicated to your job and career, as long as it doesn’t keep you away from your family too much. It’s OK to have some interest or pursuit that you’re passionate about, as long as . . .

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12 Reasons Why You Should Squat

November 11, 2014     Posted in Resistance/Weight Training by Fabian Colussi     0 Comments

Squats are arguably the one staple lower body exercise that’s virtually compulsory in any workout program. Some hate and even fear them for how challenging they are, while others love them for their results. And those results do speak for themselves. There’s no question that the hype behind squats is real. They’re one of the . . .

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What’s the Right Amount of Cardio for an Awesome Physique?

November 6, 2014     Posted in Cardio/Conditioning by Gloria Kaneko     1 Comments
Right Amount of Cardio

A great physique is built on three pillars – resistance training, diet, and cardio.  And while each is just as important as the others, the one that most people seem to have the strongest feelings about is cardio. Part of the reason for people either loving it or hating it is the fact that on . . .

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