More Lessons About Success

March 23, 2016     Posted in Competing, Mental & Philosophical by Gloria Kaneko     0 Comments
Arnold Classic 2016 - Gloria Kaneko

Just four days ago I competed at the 2016 Arnold Australia Classic in the Figure division. It was a fantastic event, and to make it even better for me I managed to place 5th in my category. So I was very happy about that. As far as Figure contests go however, this one was pretty . . .

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5 Secrets to Sculpting a Toned Body Without Getting Bulky

January 26, 2016     Posted in Exercise by Fabian Colussi     0 Comments
Toned Body

OK so I have a confession to make. I don’t normally like to do this kind of thing, but the truth is I intentionally colored the title to this blog post with bro-speak, just for the purposes of grabbing people’s attention. If you read the title and didn’t find anything wrong with it, that’s good. . . .

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3 Cases Where You Actually Should be “Cheating” With Your Exercise Form

August 26, 2015     Posted in Resistance/Weight Training by Gloria Kaneko     2 Comments
Exercise Form

“Cheating” with your exercise form is something that’s generally frowned upon by many weight training enthusiasts and purists. There are two main arguments they make against it. The first is that it’s dangerous, since it involves breaking from perfect form. They feel that cheating either means reducing the amount of control you have over the . . .

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9 Nutrition Pitfalls That Are Keeping You Fat

May 29, 2015     Posted in Nutrition by Gloria Kaneko     0 Comments
Nutrition Pitfalls

Of all the people who are struggling to lose fat or to prevent gaining fat, the vast majority are doing so because they’re falling into one or more common nutrition pitfalls. Diet is an extremely powerful factor that affects your body weight and composition, so any mistakes made in this area will tend to have . . .

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When Are You Doing Too Much?

March 5, 2015     Posted in Mental & Philosophical, Rants by Fabian Colussi     0 Comments
Don't Judge

About two years ago, Gloria posted a blog entry about a particularly tough contest preparation she had just gone through to prepare for a series of Figure shows in March 2013. If you’re interested, you can read the blog post by clicking on the link below: My Competition Battle Because she was struggling to lose . . .

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Clean Eating For Weight Loss – The Real Deal or Just Bro-Science?

February 19, 2015     Posted in Nutrition by Fabian Colussi     1 Comments
Clean Eating

If you’re someone who keeps up to date with the current science and practice of nutrition, you’ll know that the debate between Flexible Dieting (aka IIFYM, or If it Fits Your Macros) and Clean Eating for weight loss or general fitness has been pretty active of late. Traditionally, Clean Eating has been the staple approach . . .

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Every Woman is Beautiful

February 11, 2015     Posted in General by Gloria Kaneko     0 Comments
Beautiful Women

This author of this beautiful passage is not known, we didn’t create it but we’re just reproducing it here. Please feel free to share it to as many of your friends and acquaintances as you like . . .   A little boy asked his mother, “Why are you crying?” “Because I’m a woman”, she . . .

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6 Steps to Being a Workout Superstar

February 2, 2015     Posted in Mental & Philosophical by Fabian Colussi     0 Comments
Battle Ropes

We all know them. Those women who have seemingly superhuman discipline and determination with their training. They never skip a single workout, ever. And when they’re in the gym, they train like machines. And not just in a physical sense. Strength, speed, power, athleticism . . . all those things can be developed over time. . . .

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The 24 Commandments of Fitness

January 27, 2015     Posted in General by Gloria Kaneko     0 Comments
Positive Attitude

Fitness is different things to different people. Some embrace and enjoy it, some are driven to obsession with it, and others hate it and only do it because they have to. Well, if your fitness lifestyle is making you or your life miserable then as the saying goes, “you’re doing it wrong”. There’s really no . . .

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The Wisdom of Making Fitness Fun

January 14, 2015     Posted in Exercise by Fabian Colussi     0 Comments

I was in the park this afternoon, sitting under a shelter recovering from just having run some sprints. As I was resting there were two young boys nearby playing, chasing after one another. And as they ran by me, I noticed they were both breathing quite heavily from all the running they were doing, yet . . .

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Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton is a Fighter

December 18, 2014     Posted in Inspirational Stories by Gloria Kaneko     0 Comments
Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton is a young lady that epitomizes the strength of the human spirit. A born surfer who fell in love with the sport at the tender age of four, her world was brought to a crashing halt in 2003 when, at the age of 14, a shark took her entire left arm. Bethany lost . . .

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9 Powerful Self-Discipline Tips to Keep You on Track

December 15, 2014     Posted in Mental & Philosophical by Gloria Kaneko     0 Comments
Determined Woman

Self-discipline isn’t something that we’re necessarily born with or inherently have. It’s something that can be up one day and down the next, and it can also depend heavily on the situation. It is, however, an attribute that can be generally strengthened and improved. Below are 9 extremely effective self-discipline tips to help you do . . .

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The 5 Biggest Reasons You’re Not Seeing Six Pack Abs

December 11, 2014     Posted in Exercise, Myths & Scams by Fabian Colussi     0 Comments
Six Pack Abs

Having six pack abs is the cherished goal of many women. Actually getting them is easier said than done, however. There are two reasons for this. The first is that there’s a lot of very bad information out there about training the abs. Much of that stems from misinformation propagated by marketing companies looking for . . .

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The Cold Reality of Fitness Training and Success

December 8, 2014     Posted in Competing, Mental & Philosophical by Gloria Kaneko     0 Comments
Gloria Kaneko

Right now I’m a few weeks into my contest prep for the February/March 2015 competition season. I’ll probably be competing in three Figure shows again this season, as I did in 2013. Things are going fine so far, but as I’ve found is quite normal, there are also the inevitable unexpected challenges to deal with . . .

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